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We run a weekly support group in Chippenham on Wednesday Evenings between 7 and 9pm. From the first of June 2005 the Family Support group will be run in Partnership with Families Plus part of the Clouds Organisation.

Who are the groups for?
Any relative, partner or friend of some one who has or has had a drink or drug problem.

What is it for?
To offer support ,develop awareness and insight and to improve coping skills, by changing attitudes and behaviour.

Who runs it?
Experienced Clouds counsellors facilitate the group.

What happens?
Time is given for everyone to say how he or she is feeling ,how they have been coping and support is offered where needed. The rest of the evening is taken up in discussing specific topics such as how addiction affects everyone, anger management, how to step back by setting firmer boundaries building self esteem etc.

What do I do if I want to attend?
Please telephone Families Plus direct on 0870 794 34 34. They will arrange for you to meet with the counselor before the start of the meeting.

Families Plus also run support groups in Bath, Trowbridge and Salisbury. Further information can be gained by ringing the above number.

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